The European online backup solution based on the established IASO Hybrid Cloud.

Exceptional speed, absolute reliability and best possible privacy protection through end-to-end encryption.
At least once a year almost 100% of all users need to restore files. The regular backup of critical data in a secure location is therefore essential in order to protect yourself from data loss.

Location-independent, fast and reliable file backup on protected German servers. Thanks to the True Delta ™ technology your important business or personal data is backed fully automatical and bandwidth-friendly.

Optimum Data Privacy

Choose from 3 encryption types (AES 128, AES 256 and Blowfish 448). Real end-to-end encryption with a private encryption key only known to you. Our data centers are located in Germany.

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High Performance

Save bandwidth, storage space and time with our block-based backup mechanism. Instead of transferring changed files in one piece, only the changed blocks within the file are transferred.

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Doubled Safety

Thanks to our two-tier architecture and the Local Speed ​​Vault™ technology, you can activate an additional on-site backup, always kept in sync with your online backup. Doubled Backup and fast Recovery.

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How do we ensure data privacy?


End-to-End Encryption.
With secured data transfer and storage in Germany.

The EuropeanDB Online Backup provides three levels of security for your data:

Level 1: Data encryption by default
Each backup client is installed with its own encryption password, which, of course encrypted, is saved on the client itself. The data can not be read without this password. The standard level of encryption uses a 128-bit AES encryption, stronger encryption levels are also available. The transferred files are transferred to and backed up on our backup system only in its encrypted form.

Level 2: Network security
Even if the client side data encryption guarantees adequate protection of your data, we double the encryption by using standard SSL/TLS layers for transmission.

Level 3: Access control, logging and auditing
The Backup Manager is protected by username plus password and documents all changes and requests made.

Aren't online backups slow?


Block-based and incremental.
Efficient reduction of data amount through True Delta™.

Not only the safety, but also the speed of a backup solutions is critical. Users demand that current changes end up on their backup servers as quickly as possible. To ensure this EuropeanDB uses block-based update mechanisms. Instead of transferring all changed files again, like in many other cloud solutions, only the changed parts of the file are transferred. This saves bandwidth and increases speed by a multiple. Of course EuropeanDB also relies on highly efficient compression algorithms.

Does that make me dependent?


Double Backup through Local Speed Vault™.
One backup on-site, the other one in the cloud.

The difficulty of a two-layer architecture for backup solutions is the performance and continuous synchronization of both backups. Our Backup Manager software enables you to set up a local backup in addition to your cloud backup, for example on your own NAS server, a second hard drive or even an USB stick.

Both backups are automatically kept in sync, even in case of intermittent connection problems, eg a failure of your Internet connection. The advantages are obvious, you keep your independence, increase the speed of recovery significantly and you are still protected against data loss in the event of hardware failure, overvoltage, or fire.

  Free Trial.
30 Days. No obligations.
from 9,00 € per month plus VAT

Benefit from 10 years of experience in online backup services.
Based on the renomated IASO Hybrid Cloud, EuropeanDB offers you a well-established and time-proven backup solution.


Mark backup states for long term archiving.

Central Monitoring

Keep track of everything with our Cloud Management Console.

Easy Setup

Backup clients for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Supports MS Exchange, SQL, Oracle, VMWare and much more.
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